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In her first life, the renowned and genius surgeon Dr. Aoi Takamoto was Elise de Clorance, a villainess of noble descent. Elise's selfishness, insolence, and obsessive love for her fiancé—Prince Linden de Romanoff—led to the deaths of her family members and, eventually, herself. Only after being reborn did Elise realize the error of her ways and decide that, instead of ruining lives, she would devote herself to saving them. But a tragic airplane crash robs her of her dreams too soon.
By a miracle, Elise wakes up in her original body before her official engagement to Linden. Recognizing the chance to cherish her loving family and free Linden from an unwanted marriage, Elise wishes to use her advanced medical knowledge to continue down the path of saving lives. In a deal with the emperor, Elise is given only six months to prove that her true place is not on the throne, but rather with the wounded and ailing who desperately need her help.

高本葵的前世是“恶女皇后”爱丽丝。 做了许多坏事,给人们带来了不幸的她,被丈夫林克处决了。在脱胎换骨于现代的第二次人生中,葵作为外科医生为了他人而活,但有一天她因飞机失事而不归。
但是,醒来已经回到了第一次的人生。 出现在被处决前10年转生的爱丽丝面前的是因自己而丧命的家人。

Title Name 外科医生爱丽丝
No of Disc 1 Disc (12 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

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