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After his father's death and the destruction of his village at the hands of English raiders, Einar wishes for a peaceful life with his family on their newly rebuilt farms. However, fate has other plans: his village is invaded once again. Einar watches helplessly as the marauding Danes burn his lands and slaughter his family. The invaders capture Einar and take him back to Denmark as a slave.
Einar clings to his mother's final words to survive. He is purchased by Ketil, a kind slave owner and landlord who promises that Einar can regain his freedom in return for working in the fields. Soon, Einar encounters his new partner in farm cultivation—Thorfinn, a dejected and melancholic slave. As Einar and Thorfinn work together toward their freedom, they are haunted by both sins of the past and the ploys of the present. Yet they carry on, grasping for a glimmer of hope, redemption, and peace in a world that is nothing but unjust and unforgiving.

《海盗战记》的故事,建立在维京人势力最为昌盛的 11 世纪北欧。故事叙述男主角托尔芬,为了报父亲之仇,加入了老练的维京战士阿谢拉特的麾下。而日夜身在维京人视为荣耀的杀戮和掠夺中的他,却因为某个契机,而开始试着寻找除了战斗和复仇之外的第二条路……

Title Name 海盗战记
No of Disc 2 Disc (24 Episodes)
Version Japanese / English
Subtitles Chinese / English / Malay
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

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