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以从美国空降到The Most时尚杂志副总编辑池成俊(朴叙俊饰)与他的初恋及以前的同学、对自己的形象毫无管理的金惠珍(黄正音饰)的爱情故事为主题,讲述逆变成恐龙女的金惠珍、逆袭成高富帅的池成俊,看似完美实则拥有反差萌的性感女闵夏莉(高濬熙饰)和神秘男金信赫(崔始源饰)4名男女之间的故事。
A romantic comedy, based on a true story, about two past acquaintances who meet again after they've gone through a reversal of fortunes and appearances, set in the backdrop of a fashion magazine's publishing office.
Kim Hye-jin was a beautiful girl from a rich family, aka the "Cha's". After her family's publishing company went bankrupt, she experienced hardships then lost her beauty too. Ji Sung-joon was an unattractive boy with low self-esteem, but grows up as a handsome and successful editor.
The two decided to meet again as adults, but Sung-joon was unable to recognize Hye-jin. Ashamed to meet her first love and ruin his perception of her, Hye-jin asks her attractive best friend, Ha-ri, to appear in her place. Things, however, soon get complicated as Hye-jin was assigned to work at The Most magazine publishing office where Sung-joon is the deputy chief editor. He openly mistreats and belittles her for her clumsy nature, not knowing that she was his real childhood friend. Ha-ri also continues to meet Sung-joon, and soon develops feelings for him. On the other hand, Hye-jin finds a good friend in her workplace, Shin-hyuk, who slowly falls in love with her.
Title Name 她很漂亮
No of Disc 4 Disc (16 Episodes)
Version Korean / Mandarin
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

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