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黑帮“福和”的丁卓飞(谢天华饰)与反黑队督察段一凡(周柏豪饰)是双方安插对方阵营的卧底。 丁卓飞在“福和”做了十年卧底,为了掩饰真实身份,他比别人更加心狠手辣,亦因此渐渐接近核心。但亲手拷问同袍,看著他们惨死,令丁卓飞开始厌倦这没有尽头的卧底工作。另一边,段一凡在反黑组步步高升,更有望成为最年轻的总督察。事业爱情皆美满的段一凡,开始渴望做一个真真正正的警察。他处心积虑想摆脱宋先生(陈启泰饰)和他背后的“东利贸易”。一次“福和”及“东利”的毒品交易,原来是“福和”话事人找出双方叛徒的骗局。一黑一白两个警察,各自为自己的正义之途,走上你死我亡的对峙局面。
Ting Cheuk Fei (Michael Tse) has been undercover in the triad for a decade. In order to hide his true identity, he has acted fiercer than the rest, and infiltrated the inner circle of the Fuk Wo syndicate. However, he is growingly increasingly tired of this life. On the other side, triad mole Tuen Yat Fan (Pakho Chau) has risen the ranks in the police force’s anti-triad unit, and even has hopes of becoming the youngest chief inspector. Successful in both his career and in love, he yearns to shed his shady past and become a true policeman. Tuen plots to get rid of shadow boss Sung (Kenneth Chan) and his Tung Lei trading company. A drug trade between Fuk Wo and Tung Lei turns out to be a trap to find the moles.

Title Name 无间行者之生死潜行真人劇場
No of Disc 1 Disc (Movie)
Version Cantonese
Subtitles Chinese / English
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)

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