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The Jiang's and the Hang's were the two largest embroidering families in Suzhou specially tailoring the Imperial dragon gown for the Emperor. Due to the competition between them, they were on a footing of reciprocal tolerance. Hang Jing-Feng (Justin Gao), son of Hang Jing-Ting, was engaged to the daughter of Jiang Xue-Wen, Jiang Jia-Yuan (Angel Dong) since born, but the bad relationship between the elders stopped them from having more development.

Eighteen years ago, Hang posed as Jiang Xue-Wen and dumped a girl named Xu Jin. The son of theirs, Xu Hen (Du Chun) was raised up by his uncle, Xu Lei and was brought to Suzhou to get even with the Jiang's. Incidentally, Xu Hen released Jia-Yuan who was grounded by her father, and this caused them to hook on each other forever.

Jiang was imprisoned by Eunuch Bai and died in the jailafter being trapped by Xu Lei. Abruptly, Jia-Yuan lost her family, she was helpless seeking for refuge from the Hang's. As time went by, after going through hardships, she saw through her own feeling and broke off her engagement with Jing-Feng, then left together with Xu Hen. However, life was always perplexed, Just when they had their own baby, they were told by Xu Lei that they were blood brother and sister.

After knowing that her father was framed, Jia-Yuan killed Xu Lei unintentionally. In order to protect his wife and kindred, Xu Hen held the bag and was jailed...

Title Name 倾城雪
No of Disc 12 Disc (50 Episodes)
Version Original China Mandarin
Subtitles English / Chinese
Format PAL (Phase Alternating Line) / 16:9 Widescreen

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